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2021/22 Snooker Island Challenge Tour Calendar

Postby chengdufan

I am pleased to announce that as snooker clubs in the UK are due to re-open later this month, we will have a 2021-22 season Snooker Island Challenge Tour starting in July 2021 and concluding in April 2022 (#unless there are further COVID restrictions). There are six ranking events on the calendar, and Snooker Island members may enter any or all of the competitions.

Each event will require you to play some real snooker with a real life opponent. These competitions generally should not affect your game with your real life playing partner (*with one exception, the World Cup). The format of each event is slightly different from the rest, but generally speaking, playing 3 frames of snooker once or twice will be required.

The hope is that we will have at least 8 entrants in each event.

The calendar is as follows:

July - Shootout
August - Grand Prix
October - World Cup
November - Pro-am Classic
January - Masters
February-April - World Championship

Deadlines for entry into each event, as well as details of the format will come in due course.

At this point, if you wish you can put your name down to tentatively enter for the 'season', and I will automatically include you in the draw for all events. If you are on the season list, it is of course fine to withdraw from any of the events.

I am going to add the following names to the season list. If you see your name below and would prefer not to be on it, just let me know and I will remove your name:

Season entry list:
1. Chengdu Fan
2. Rekoons
3. Aces Inc
4. Deewee

Re: 2021/22 Snooker Island Challenge Tour Calendar

Postby chengdufan

Just a small note to add. In terms of playing standard, anything goes really. If you can pot a red and a colour, I am confident you will enjoy playing in the competition.
In all the event formats, the better player is more likely to win. In some events, it will be more open for upsets than others though. For the Shootout for example, if I play Johnny Bravo, Johnny will very likely win, but I may beat him perhaps 2 or 3 times out of 10 times. If I play Johnny Bravo in the World Championship, I will enjoy the game, but the result is a foregone conclusion.

Re: 2021/22 Snooker Island Challenge Tour Calendar

Postby chengdufan

Running side wrote:love to enter,do you need to wear full dress suit?

Nice, I'll put your name down.

Full dress suit is only required for the tv stages.