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Re: Matt Selt talks becoming a father

Postby Pink Ball

vodkadiet wrote:For all of you slating 'young Matthew', can you provide evidence that the woman he impregnated isn't an intelligent, beautiful, wholesome individual from top to toe, from left shoulder to right elbow, from clavicle to ankle, from mammary gland to posterior? Can you doubters provide hardcore evidence?!!

Her name's Doug.

Re: Matt Selt talks becoming a father

Postby JArnett

I actually don’t understand his new “perspective.” There is no perspective in going to the sister’s law firm if you lose a match. How can even a sportsman think that he can lose? I can’t see a sportsman’s mindset here. You know, I work at, where we help kids recover. And among them, there are really strong personalities who will get a win at all costs. When I look at Selt, I can’t tell this. It’s a pity. I hope those kids which I’m helping will become great sportsmen. It would be an interesting game to see
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Re: Matt Selt talks becoming a father

Postby Juddernaut88

SnookerFan wrote:I came on to ask what kind of boring bastard would post a thread about Matt Selt becoming a father.

Turned out it was me.