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IBSF World Series, Australia 8-11 October

Postby roy142857

After a bit of delay the IBSF has got their plans for a Womens World Tour underway (background at viewtopic.php?f=276&t=5813) with an Australia leg at the Mounties Club, Mount Pritchard, New South Wales

Obvious problem is going to be getting players to travel, apart from the Aussies only other nations were India, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea.

Quarter finals
Varsha Sanjeev (India) 3-2 Meng-Hsia Hung (Australia)
Theresa Whitten (Australia) 3 -0 Cindy Tran (Australia)
Vidya Pillai (India) 3 - 1 Megan Fullerton (Australia)
Chitra M (India) 3 - 1 Jessica Woods (Australia)

Semi finals
Theresa Whitten (Australia) 4 - 1 Varsha Sanjeev (India)
Chitra M (India) 4 - 2 Vidya Pillai (India)

Chitra M (India) 4 - 0 Theresa Whitten (Australia)

Congratulations to Chitra M ! :win:

High breaks
Vidya Pillai 78
Chitra M 77
Varsha Sanjeev 69