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Historical rule change, potting two reds at once

Postby quickquestion

Hi, while we all know it is perfectly legal to pot two reds with a single stroke when reds are 'on', I have been arguing with someone recently about whether this was always the case or not. I started playing snooker around 1983, and my Dad, who taught me, played for many years before that. And I'm sure I was taught that it was always legal to pot two reds at once, but someone I know is adamant that it was a relatively recent rule change, and that Dennis Taylor referred to it in commentary that this used to be considered a foul. Can anyone confirm, and even better, cite a source?

Re: Historical rule change, potting two reds at once

Postby acesinc

I also started playing back in the '80's and have taken a bit of an historical interest in the Game. Never heard of such a thing as you describe. Logically, it makes no sense that the potting of two Reds would be foul and while sometimes difficult to interpret and understand, the Rules of Snooker are always found to at least follow a logic. The oldest published Rule Book I have is copyrighted 1988 and according to Section 3., Rule 3. (e) (ii): "the value of each Red, or ball nominated as Red, potted in the same stroke is scored."

So there is direct evidence that if the Rule was changed, it was clearly changed prior to 1988...not exactly "recently". And personally, I can state with certainty that this Rule was exactly the same as early as 1982 but I cannot personally vouch for anything earlier than that as that is where my experience ends.

I must say it does sound like urban legend to me.