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Re: Dafabet World Championship (Friday April 25th) Last 16 !

Postby Wildey

Cannonball wrote:
masterdoctorgenius wrote:I am quite nervous. Tomorrow could make my follwing week happy or sad

It's a nightmare scenario, like waiting to take an exam you know you are ill prepared for. The temptation (for me) is to open the whisky and drink. I think being a Ronnie fan is the hardest of all. There is such expectation, such a massive amount of talent, and the records that await. It's a lot of pressure for him and his fans. How can he not win the WC. Know what I mean? It's a lose-draw situation. If he wins it, it's expected. If he doesn't it's failure. Which itself is testament to the fact that he really is the greatest ever.

buck me its like reading an extract from a porn mag.

Re: Dafabet World Championship (Friday April 25th) Last 16 !

Postby Skullman

My Internet has been marmite tonight. Anyway, Selby has beaten Carter 13-9. I hope he plays well against Kendo or Angles, even though he probably won't need to.

Probably not a good idea to have to raise your game for the first time in a tournament against Judd, Allen or Robbo.