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Re: Dafabet World Championship (Tue April 29th) Quarter Fina

Postby Snooker Overdrive

Andre147 PGC wrote:
Sonny wrote:I enjoyed that session, a nice 8-1 win for Mark and pretty much into the semis. An easy match on paper but it's good that he's blown McManus away instead of made hard work of it.

Murphy doing what I thought, out of his depth and taking on silly shots leaving Ronnie right in amongst them. He's not nearly in the same class. Hawkins is though, should be a repeat of last years final in the semi and I suspect Hawks will fancy the job.

Elsewhere Robbo significantly off the boil. I think he'll come back but if he doesn't then all the better for Selby.

Reading that I understand you consider Judd an easier draw for Selby than Robbo, right?

If I were you I wouldn't be too sure about that, Judd too is well capable of beating Selby, he's done it before and would also fancy being the underdog in that match.

Well I agree with Sonny that Trump would be a slightly easier draw than Robbo after all those recent defeats against Neil. But even against the "easier" Trump Selby is only second favourite in my book.

Re: Dafabet World Championship (Tue April 29th) Quarter Fina

Postby Roland

edwards2000 wrote:Ali Carter is usually derided around these parts as a useless bunny, so why has that suddenly changed haha?

Anyway, I wasn't talking about Carter, I happen to rate him very highly,. But a QF against Mcmanus is the stuff of dreams. My problem is the double standards. If Ronnie wins this title, I hope we don't have to suffer the same nonsense as the 2 years previous.

Keep this type of rubbish up and you'll be kicked off