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Re: World Championship S F 2 : Mark Selby v Neil Robertson

Postby Wildey

Skullman wrote:
Snooker Overdrive wrote:
vodkadiet wrote:Selby has excellent powers of recovery. This match won't affect him for the final.

He was completely knackered against Higgins in 2007 on the first day :wave:

Think that was more it being his first final. At least I hope so...

Don't forget he went on until about 12:30 against Dott in the 2012 Masters and came out like a train in the final.

in those days there wasent much snooker played so playing long matches took it out of players but these days with plenty of snooker played stamina should be stronger at the crunch

Re: World Championship S F 2 : Mark Selby v Neil Robertson

Postby Jester82

NNear wrote:Looks like Selby is going to reach all 3 Triple Crown finals in a single year.

But might unfortunately lose against the Dark Lord in the final... :-(

Re: World Championship S F 2 : Mark Selby v Neil Robertson

Postby NNear

Sonny wrote:
NNear wrote:I do think it's hard to be usurped right now though because Snooker has gone through rapid stages of evolution, seeing higher average levels of general play (I suppose one could try to argue against this), but that rate of improvement has relatively stagnated or slowed down over the last 15 or so years, so for those players who are near the top of the pile, their games are complete enough that it's difficult to overhaul them or see them not being a contender for the biggest titles for at least quite a number of years. It's not like the rest of the field and the next generation will just make a quantum leap. Building the complete game and arsenal takes a lot of time, a lot of effort, and also a lot of talent.

As such, it would take a sharp and sudden decline to put the likes of Robertson or Selby out of the picture, unless somebody like Ding or Ronnie is capable of producing a Hendry-esque run.

Agree totally, especially the bit about building the complete game taking a lot of time and effort and once you're there, you'll be a force for years to come. That's where battle scars come into play, losing big matches in signalling the end of a career. Like if Hawkins had lost to Dale I think that would've been the last we see of him as a contender. If Ronnie loses the semi against Hawkins then it could spell the end of him, if Selby or Robertson gets to 16 frames with a gap of 3 or more frames and lose, that will do them serious harm in terms of their chances to win this event in future.