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Will Ronnie equal Hendry's World Title Record?

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Re: Will Ronnie equal Hendry's World Title Record?

Postby Wildey

Cloud Strife wrote:
Ronnie79 wrote:Anyone who says it doesnt matter if ronnie reaches hendry's 7 titles is talking crap. A player will be defined by what he wins. In the cold light of day 5 worlds for ronnie's talent is not enough.

You're right, 5 titles is not enough for someone of Ronnie's ability.

And I disagree with you to an extent regarding titles defining a player's career. Yes, it does for about 99% of players. It certainly did for a characterless robot like Hendry who is purely defined by what he won and nothing else.

And then you have the 1% like Alex, Jimmy and Ronnie who go above and beyond mere titles. Their careers mean more than what they simply won.

You really havent got a clue have you? <doh>

Hendry never compromised his believes it was all about Attacking Snooker with him. Had he adapted his game god knows how long he would have kept on winning tournaments and in 1997 He Out played Ken Doherty but he couldn't be bothered to scrap out Scrappy frames.

His believes was his strengths and weakness so when you say Hendry was defined by what he won that is so not true he is defined by the way he played the game to win what he won despite going for everything.

Re: Will Ronnie equal Hendry's World Title Record?

Postby Johnny Bravo

It will be very hard for Ronnie, considering his age.
That was obvious for me when he lost the 2014 WC final to Slowby. It the last session he looked very tired.
Even though he's in his 40's, his A game is just as good as ever. The problem in a tournaments like the WC, that lasts 2 weeks and the matches are very long, fatigue tends to build. And it's affecting the older players a lot more.
IMO that's the reason Ronnie has done so well at the Masters (6 victories + another 5 finals, if I'm not mistaken). The format suit him perfect. Except the final, all the matches have medium length and he's playing top pros. So he only needs to stay fully focused for a shorter period of time.

I reckon Ronnie can still win a sixth WC title, but that's about it. He's still the GOAT even if he never wins another match, but I'd love to see him retire with 6 WC titles and over 1000 tons.