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The Maximum Break Archive

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Welcome to the Maximum Break Archive :-)

The idea of this thread is to build a library of 147 footage recorded throughout the history of snooker. It will begin with the first televised maximum, and eventually reach present day, at which point I will add each new maximum to the archive once its footage becomes available.

There will inevitably be some 147s that aren’t on YouTube. This is not an encyclopaedic list of every maximum made. Also, being human, there will be a few that I missed. If you have a link to a 147 that isn’t on here, feel free to PM me so that I can insert the video in the right position chronologically.

Videos will be embedded for users on the desktop version of Snooker Island, but for those of you on the mobile version I have also added a direct link to YouTube.

I hope you find this useful, or at least entertaining.

Enjoy <ok>

EDIT 11/04/22 It appears the embedded videos are no longer functioning. Apologies. Will continue with links.

Steve Davis 1982 Lada Classic
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