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Re: Classic Snooker

Postby TheSaviour

jopesalmi wrote:Alex Higgins' Amazing 147 Attempt!

Oh yes, Alex was an animal. There´s not so much wrong with anything he did on the snooker table. He still could had landed that effort too, if being completely honest with you.

Why he then didn´t?? Well, it is a difficult ball game out there. To start with.

The great thing about Alex was that he was completely honest with you, no matter if on the or off the table. No matter if he lived or if he died. He was all time completely honest.

Alex always dreamed about the better world. He couldn´t see himself living in the world of where he was born and where he lived. He dreamed about something better. Which, unfortunately, never materialised.

Re: Classic Snooker

Postby TheSaviour

There it is then. Mark Williams´ last frame´s pressure break against John Higgins. What can you say, what can you do. Obviously stating the sport always moves on, so...... A bit obvious.

Personally, my state of mind is always as it best straight in the morning or early in the day. Couldn´t had been noticed that most of the main tour players immediately does their best playing and the tricks straight away. The morning session is always the best opportunity to play. I personally skip all the other opportunities. Whether if it is just about the money or something. It will happen there if it is about to happen.

But then, it is all about just the day. Try to play when it is Xmas Eve, for example. Doesn´t it cause your mentality to crash down when can´t play any?

Any given day should be a playing day and an opportunity. That´s something we all agree. But then, nothing´s eternal. Stating that doesn´t mean there would be some kind of a playing paradise, it only means nothing is eternal. Simple and straightforward as it is. The power of just stating something without anything to follow. No innovations, nothing. Just the power of just stating something. If that´s the news, then it is the news. But nothing will be build up because of that.

I agree with the likes of Rother that we should try to be flexible and to rotate and to move on. Nothing´s eternal, that´s the key. When the opportunity arises, try to use it.

Talking about the engineering nation, hah! It´s not actually any news that any Aussie-player has a very insecure state of a mind or an insecure and unknown reputation as a "flawless" thinkers of how they always introduce themselves. But we can´t prove a thing regarding what is going on in your head. No matter who are you. Just can´t believe how BASIC mistakes are being made. That´s basic, that´s basic, that´s basic. Basic-knowledge, basic-wisdom. Basic-mistake is such that refusing to concede there are such things as a sporting superiorities, and only to think it all happens in your own head. And that´s quite heavy arrogance if there´s ever has had any.

But still, much better body language from MJW than ever before. Let´s just try to keep them away from the black and white only, and then at least they look decent, smart and good, even when not perhaps actually are suchs.

Talking about having a major personal misunderstanding regarding what the other people are thinking or where do they gain their pride.. Hopefully it is all settled now.

Re: Classic Snooker

Postby Andre147

carayip wrote:

This clearance sums up Mark Williams imo, vs Mark Davis in 2012.

That was honestly one of the best I've seen! Typical MJW, just cool and when out of position just kept potting them without a care in the world. :hatoff: