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Re: Cue for someone with 42 top break

Postby Jack50

Prop wrote:
Jack50 wrote:
Prop wrote:Let us know how you get on, Jack. And what’s the new cue?

Since you posted so well this one's for you. I think it would be too mean to ignore you. My number one cue is now a Mark Selby BCE cue from Ebay that cost £39.95 (serious). BCE Mark Selby Simulated Graphite Metallic BLACK Snooker & Pool Cue if you want to look it up on Ebay.

Cool :-) To be honest it doesn’t really matter what make the cue is, what it cost etc. As I said earlier in the thread it’s often just the case of finding something you’re most comfortable with. And we’re all different, so it’s difficult to apply rules of what constitutes a good cue.

Main thing is you’re more confident with it and playing better <ok>

The most noticeable thing for a new cue, apart from the cue itself is you get to use a perfectly applied tip. I am getting better at doing it when they fall off. I try my best to avoid best screws though, because that is the only time I am losing them. That being said I had 12 Reanne Evans Legends World Champion tips arrive today. I basically have tip stock now forever for this new number 1 cue. Using a Selby cue with a Reanne Evans tip is probably the snooker equivalent of going all in for a casual player (right now). All I need now is Dennis Taylor type glasses (something I am trying to get around to doing - not had my eyes tested in donkey's years and I need to know what my eye prescription is to purchase them) and it is complete. The aim is to try to get a 50 break eventually.

I will be interested to see how I play when I have to put a new tip on. For now, I'm just going to concentrate on playing well with the cue.

Re: Cue for someone with 42 top break

Postby Prop

You really should be putting some time into practicing retipping. As mentioned before, avoiding certain shots because you’re not confident in your tip is automatically putting you at a huge disadvantage.

You need to get the basics right. It doesn’t matter how good or bad a cue is, or whose name is on the box of tips you bought, if you’re putting a tip on to a standard that limits the type of shots you can play.

It’d be like a football player heading onto the pitch in a pair of brogues.

Re: Cue for someone with 42 top break

Postby Jack50

The Selby cue whilst reasonable only got me a 31 or 32 break from memory and I lost patience. I now have a John Parris cue I got from Ebay. Hoping in time I can break this 42 monkey (monkey on my back). Thanks for the posts here though, they got me to a Parris cue in the end (in a roundabout way). Currently I am yet to break 20 with the new Parris cue, but I need to be patient. For general play it feels well balanced.