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New Cue Help

Postby Benjamminge

Hi All,

New to the forum,

Am looking to purchase a new cue. Im 6'2 so need a 60 inch cue. Was looking at a Paris Ambassador but reading the reviews of people on here i think im going to give it a miss. Would really like a cue made in the UK (support the economy right?). Any recommendations please.

Many thanks

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Re: New Cue Help

Postby Sickpotter

Paris cues are nice but pricey, I would recommend you go the route of a second hand cue if you're set on Paris.

The major benefit of a 2nd hand cue (price aside) is that you get to hit a few shots and decide if you like the feel. Even when you give your desired specs to a competent cue maker, the feel is never guaranteed to please.

I recall ordering 5 cues from a good maker (each cost in the $500 range), all made to my specs and i didn't like the hit of a single one. Maybe I needed to order 10 to find one I liked the feel of but in the end if I had the chance to try them before buying I would've saved myself a lot of $ and grief.

Have you considered looking at CueCraft? They make very nice cues and offer a wide price range to choose from. They're UK based as well, perhaps close enough that you can go and try before you buy...

Good luck with your cue hunt.